Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stony Point Theater Arts students use electronic media to record their own soap operas

Taking a Theater Arts class is a wonderful way to learn all kinds of transferable skills.  Students who enroll in Theater Arts learn how to present themselves professionally, communicate effectively, and generally conduct themselves with poise.  However, Theater teacher Erin Schreck also teaches her students to utilize technology to record their performances, which introduces the students to another set of valuable skills that they can bring to the workplace.

The most recent project the Theater Arts department produced was original soap operas written, acted, directed, recorded, and edited by the students themselves!  Enjoy this sample provided.

Example Video

Thursday, April 18, 2013

English teachers use Audacity program to record audio books

When students have reading difficulties it can sometimes be a huge benefit to be able to listen to the story as the follow along.  With that in mind, Pam Doster has utilized Audacity to record Persepolis.  Students can either listen to it on their computers or download it on their phones.